What types of Yamaha pianos for sale are there?

If you are looking for Yamaha pianos types and what are the pianos for sale available then by considering that over a century's value of expertise producing world category acoustic pianos and over a century advancement in audio and electronic instruments, solely Yamaha offers such a spread of professional Stage Pianos, Acoustic Yamaha Pianos, and business normal Synthesizer Workstations to client transportable Keyboards and Digital Yamaha Pianos, acoustic Yamaha grand Yamaha pianos to Clavinova digital Yamaha pianos to one of the new Hybrid line similarly. Yamaha contains a resolution for each want. Following types of pianos are available for sale;

Acoustic Yamaha Pianos:
Unparalleled in their shape, beauty and musical vary, Acoustic Yamaha Pianos area unit the final word expression of the piano maker's art.
Digital Yamaha Pianos:
Digital Yamaha Pianos provide over simply a maintenance free instrument. Exclusive Yamaha technologies deliver associate degree acoustic piano expertise from the stage to the house and all over in between.
Hybrid Yamaha Pianos:
A new variety for the piano, born from the fusion of leading edge technology and over a century of piano crafting expertise.
Premium Yamaha Pianos:
Hand crafted Pianos of rare perfection.
Grand Yamaha Pianos:
Unmatchable in beauty and musical vary, grand pianos area unit the final word expression of the piano maker's art.
Disklavier Yamaha Pianos:
Disklavier is that the modern-day version of the piano

Stage Yamaha Pianos:

Professional performance for the studio and at the stage.